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Fine and Rare Antique and Vintage Ticking Fabric From Europe

Unused Damask Ticking

Unused Striped Ticking

Recovered Damask Ticking

Recovered Striped Ticking

Since 1880, when the first Jacquard looms were introduced in Spain in the Igualada area, and for about 100 years, fabrics for mattress covers were manufactured with such special characteristics that make them genuine and unique in Europe. At Ticking Depot we fell in love with the mattress fabrics that were born in this area and time, with their history, their designs and their colors.

Most of our antique ticking fabrics are from the first half of the 1900s. We have researched their history for years and they never cease to amaze us. We have the largest collection of different mattress fabrics for sale — from salvaged pieces to unused bolts, with assorted damask and colored stripes. We have beautiful antique textiles in both small pieces and large panels and even entire mattress covers or intact yardage. The texture of fabrics varies a lot as well as their weight or density: from hard and resistant fabrics to extra-soft and moldable fabrics. In our store we describe each piece in detail.

These fabrics, unused or reclaimed and beautifully aged, are ready to breathe new life. If you need to know more before doing a new project, do not hesitate to ask us. We will be delighted to talk to you.

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